Delivery & Curb Pick Up Menu

To Casa Rojas Express
Our menu is designed to make every
Meal to your taste! If you’re not sure
how to start we’ll walk you through.
Flour – Spinach – Chipotle – Wheat
Refried – Whole Pinto – Whole BlacK
Shredded Chicken – Picadillo
Seasoned Ground Beef – Carnitas
Grilled Chicken – Carne Asada
Carne al Pastor
A Kindly note: Please be aware that
any substitutions or additions to your
items might change the price.

Curb Pick Up Menu

Times and Number

Orders To Go Hours

9am – 8pm Mon – Sat
10am – 7pm Sun

Call (206) 855-0624

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Los Burritos

All burritos come with Rice, Beans,
Cheese, Lettuce & Salsa.
Unless otherwise in noted

Con Todo 10.00
Choose your favorite meat
Guacamole & Sour Cream.
Sencillo 9.00
Choose your favorite meat.
Sin Carne 9.00
The Meatless burrito !
Guacamole & Sour Cream.
Solo Vegetariano 8.75
The Vegan Burrito !
Guacamole, Black Beans & White Rice.
Pescado 10.75
Lightly breaded Pollock fish fillet
shredded cabbage, avocado, cilantro
house chipotle dressing & lime.
Naked Burrito
Make your favorite style burrito
in a bowl !

Breakfast Burritos 9.75

Chorizo con Huevos
Ground Mexican sausage & eggs
Machaca con Huevos
Picadillo & eggs
Jamon con Huevos
Ham & Eggs


Uno 3.95 Dos 7.75 Tres 11.25

Mexican Style
Choice of meat, touch of pinto beans Pico de Gallo, cilantro, onions, & lime.
Gringo style
Choice of meat, cheese lettuce, & pico de gallo.
Pastor style
Marinated tenderloin pork grilled onions and pineapple.

Tacos de Lengua

Traditional very tender Beef Tongue with pinto beans, pico de gallo, onions cilantro, house salsa & lime.

Order of two only 8.75

Tacos de Borrego

Roasted Lamb simmered in mild spices with onions cilantro, house salsa & lime

Order of two only 8.75

Fish Tacos

Uno 4.50
Dos 8.75
Tres 12.75

Lightly breaded Tilapia fish fillet, cheese, cabbage lime, avocado, cilantro pico de gallo & house chipotle dressing.



Beans, Meat & Cheese

Con Carne 8.75
Sin Carne 7.50


Meat & Cheese

Con Carne 9.00
Sin Carne 7.75

Double Layer

Corn chips topped with cheese, beans your favorite meat jalapenos guacamole pico de gallo & sour cream.

Con Carne 10.00
Sin Carne 8.75


Grilled Chicken & home made tortilla strips in a rich chicken broth with pico de gallo, monterrey cheese seasoned sauce, avocado & a squeezed of lime.

Small 8.50
Large 10.00

Kids Meals

For Kids up to 10 years old Served with your choice of chicken, picadillo & ground beef, Rice & Beans. Includes pop or plain milk. Substitutions are subject to price change.

TACO Meat, Cheese, Lettuce 7.50

BURRITO Meat, Rice, Beans & Cheese 7.95

ENCHILADA Meat, Rice, Beans 7.95

NACHITOS Meat, Beans & Cheese 7.95

QUESADILLA Meat & Chease 7.95


Totopo 10.00
Served over tortilla chips, beans, romaine lettuce cheese your favorite choice of meat, pico de gallo guacamole & sour cream.
Asado 9.00
Fresh mix greens, Grilled Chicken slice avocado, two cheese blend pico de gallo & house cilantro dressing .
Baked Taco 10.00
Same as Totopo Salad, but in a crispy flour tortilla bowl, instead of !
Aguacate 9.25
A whole sliced ripe Avocado on top of fresh greens, monterrey cheese pico de gallo & house cilantro dressing.


Traditional 11.95
Choose your favorite meat, smothered with our house red enchilada sauce and cheese, served with rice & beans.
Chicken Mole 12.50
Stuffed with Shredded Chicken then smothered with our house Mole sauce and cheese served with rice & beans.

On The Side

Side Meat 4.25
Side Beans 3.95
Side Tortillas 1.95
Sour Cream 1.95
Pico de Gallo 1.95
Chips & Pico 3.95

Side Cheese 1.95
Side Rice 3.75
Side Chips 2.95
Guacamole 3.75
Chips & Beans 3.95
Chips & Guac 5.25


X – Meat 3.25
X – Sour Cream 1.00
X – Pico d Gallo 1.00
X – Rice 1.25
X – Jalapeños 1.00

X – Cheese 1.00
X – Guacamole 2.00
X – Beans 1.25
X – Lettuce 1.00
X – Cabbage 1.00

Daily Special

MONDAY Chicken Mole Enchiladas 11.50

TUESDAY Taco Plate. 10.50 With Fish 11.50

WEDNESDAY Chile Relleno Plate 10.95

THURSDAY Two Shrimp Tacos Plate. 11.25

FRIDAY Chicken Enchiladas Suizas 11.50

SATURDAY Quesadilla Plate With Meat 13.50 No Meat 12.50

SUNDAY Chicken & Picadillo Flautas 10.50

Call For Delivery & Pick Up (206) 855-0624